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Personal Creative Discovery

Welcome to Angeli Studios - the home of Integrative Body Mapping

- a special space for you to discover your true beauty and potential.


We offer a variety of courses and treatments, from luxurious Indian head massage,

to week-long residential courses in the UK and abroad.


For more information, and an introduction to all our courses, I invite you to:


Integrative Body Mapping was conceived and created by Caterina Monaco.

She runs her creative courses from her Angeli Studios in Warwickshire.


Caterina is a qualified Body Mapping practitioner with a background in fashion and interior design,

and over 20 years experience as a Meditation Coach.


She is certified in Indian Head Massage, and in Cosmetic Product Formulation, to create body-care

products that harness the healing properties of organic essential oils.


It is Caterina’s mission, and great privilege, to ignite the spark for change and healing transformation,

for women and men seeking to lead more connected, wholesome, and balanced lives.

What to expect from your time at Angeli Studio

All courses take place in Angeli Studio, in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside.

This space has been specifically designed for you to relax, have fun and make lasting discoveries about yourself.  

Yogada Brand Shoot - UK (7 of 31).jpg

“Such a gentle, smooth guided process. Really allows you to open up when and as much as  you are ready!

Thank you for creating the most amazing safe space for us all to come together.

I am leaving with my heart feeling totally open.”

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