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Perfect if you recognise the need to start loosening up, use your hands, connect to the wisdom of your body, and find your creativity.

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Reaching Wholesomeness, and Power

A journey of discovery

The complex stories of our lives are imprinted on our bodies. They are the culmination of our genetic heritage and life-experiences to date.  Yet, we often leave the voice of our bodies un heard, un-acknowledged, and this “lack of presence” creates gaps between what we think and what we feel, what we know about ourselves. These little tiny gaps create places of numbness to some emotions, to parts of the body,  and an even bigger gap between who we are and what we project about ourselves, often leaving us feeling unfulfilled.


Integrated practices

Integrative Body Mapping is a creative process that uses space, body, movement, sound, textures, free flow writing and art materials combining artistic expression (no artistic know-how required!) with guided reflection to help you listen to the natural wisdom of your body  in a fun, safe and colourful environment.

IBM Experience

Creatively exploring and representing sources of past and current enjoyment, as well as pain and trauma held by our bodies, is an efficient and rewarding way to re-engage with our sense of self, gradually learning trough the weekend to be present to our body and reconnect to it filling those gaps.

By using the body as a site of creative research and exploration, we create a  visual Body Map of ourselves: a life-sized outline of our own (fully-clothed) body. We will add to our body map throughout the course, using materials, colours and textures that best represent our felt experience.

The series of multi-sensory activities brings emotions to the surface, engaging us beyond the mental level;  even painful experiences from our past can become valuable tools once we’re able to process and assimilate them in a healthy way.


Clarity & wholeness

The Body art work produced will be strikingly unique, it will talk to you in a quirky, unrepeatable language, and will empower you to navigate your way towards a more complete awareness of who you are, replacing unhelpful thought-structures and showing you the most empowered, positive and connected version of you.


A Weekend Intensive of Integrative Body Mapping will give you:


The opportunity and time to expand, explore and integrate your whole self – in a safe environment and with expert guidance

a deep-felt connection to the part of you that intuitively holds the most positive vision for your life, and the means to access it whenever you need to the experience of being looked after – you will be pampered, nourished and held in a safe and loving space created especially for you.


•  Your own life-sized 2D body map, as a record of your journey and a place to record future insights that help you navigate daily life, more clarity about the recurring patterns in your life that might be holding you back, and the ability to tap into the inner strength required to turn them around.

•  A bespoke action plan to help you take practical steps towards your most fulfilled and balanced self – not a ephemeral mental projection, but clear guidance and direction for whatever challenges you’re facing outside Angeli Studio

•  Access to an online network of like-minded others who can support one another in their endeavours, share and grow together –

and discounts for future courses too

•  A toolkit of practices for you, including a personal guide to daily meditation, to help you reconnect with your IBM experience

Please book a free call to find out dates and venue





Seasonal Themes

The complex stories of our lives are imprinted on our bodies. They are the culmination of our genetic heritage and life-experiences to date. Yet, we often leave the voice of our bodies un heard, un-acknowledged.  Body Mapping brings the voice of your own body into consciousness, and carries the potential for profound insight, healing and growth.


Summer 2024: Discovering riches and abundance in our lives.


Autumn 2024: Planting a seed of intention in a time of change to find new focus and direction

Winter 2024: Gathering within. When the Light is scarce outside, let’s turn within to gather and nurture our inner depth.

Spring 2025: Emerging into the light. Movement, Sounds and Textures from what Winter has woven within.



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