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In-person courses

(available again soon...)




55 minutes: £69 - (with Aromatherapy £79)


Homegrown herbal tea, towels, non essential oils included. 

Introductory offer £49 (with Aromatherapy £59)




Weekend intensive

£499 one-to-one

£449 each in groups of 4


Home baked snacks, cake and light lunch included.





A full day 10am til 5pm

£229 one-to-one

£179 each in groups of 4


Home baked snacks, cake and light lunch included.




Free 8 weeks 45 minutes sessions  for customers booked on any one to one or group session/course. 


One to one or groups up to 4 people

Finding what's best for you

Although we suggest starting with Indian Head Massage and progressing to Body Mapping, the courses are all linked, so you can begin where you like. We offer you the platform to take your first step into the most rewarding creative journey of your life - your journey within.


One-to-One Sessions

Sometimes we need to quiet time and the chance to explore our thoughts and feelings individually. It is a pleasure to

work with individuals at their own pace and support them in undertaking this amazing journey of self discovery.

One-to-one sessions can be shaped specifically for you,to

best reflect your personal circumstances and what you want

to explore and achieve.



Working with small, mixed groups of women and men (in

term of age, race, profession and interests) produce a

fantastic synergy in the room, based on a circle of trust. It creates a better space for learning, experimenting and

opening-up than a homogenous group of people with

similar backgrounds and experience.


There are usually four people per group (and never more

than five) to ensure everyone has their own space.

4 weeks:

Free flow sessions

Perfect if you recognise the need to start loosening up, to talk, to start using your hands, connect to your intuition, and start finding your creativity.

8 weeks: Therapeutic Writing

Specially for those of us who love using our minds, who love reading, learning and expressing ourselves through the written word.

14 weeks: Creative Freedom

If you feel your creative self calling out to play a bigger part in your life, this course will guide you on profound, multisensory journey of self-discovery.


individual follow-up

I'm also available for flexible one-to-one appointments, to suit your schedule and the kind of support you want to explore.

"Filled to the brim with laughter, the perfect ending to a perfect day." 

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