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My approach

Integrative Body Mapping is a practical programme designed to give you a deeper understanding and connection between your sensing body and mind.

As the name suggests, Integrative Body Mapping works on many levels, internally and externally.  Recognising each person’s unique makeup and needs, IBM uses a flexible combination of fields and disciplines, including art, meditation, movement, therapeutic writing, aromatherapy and textiles. 


The result is a unique individual journey towards a more complete awareness of who you are – in a fun, safe and colourful environment.

Angeli Studio courses are perfect for people who:

  • Are considering - or adjusting to - changes in their personal or professional lives

  • Are aware of recurring unwanted patterns in their experience of life

  • Want to make sense of past experiences, and feel more settled and confident day to day

  • Want to lead a happier and more balanced lifestyle

  • Want to enjoy more, and join a community of people on their own journey of self discovery.

  • Simply want a relaxing, tension-freeing, head-space-clearing head massage!


What to expect from your time at Angeli Studio


All courses take place in Angeli Studio, in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside.


This space has been specifically designed for you to relax, have fun and make lasting discoveries about yourself.  


You will step into a supportive, creative and friendly atmosphere in cosy and colourful surroundings – a place where you can do deep personal work and (if you come as a group) make lasting bonds.


“I gained such a new perspective not only on my goals but on who I am.  Thank you for daring us to discover that softness is a power... that's been one of those life defining moments.  You are such a gentle and finely tuned facilitator.  Thank you."

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