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De-stress Re-fresh

The Experience

A very comfy massage chair, fluffy white towels, candles, an open fire and a choice of home grown blended teas awaits you at Angel Studios.


On your first visit, while you sip your tea,  we’ll go through the medical checklist together, to make sure I know everything I need to give you the best experience. Once  you’re ready we’ll move to the massage space, where the  massage can be done clothed or topless, dry or with oil, as a one off or part of a longer term detoxing and rebalancing programme depending on your needs and what you want to achieve and experience.


The use of oils, such as macerated fresh sage and rosemary, enhances the long lasting benefits of the massage and also plays a fundamental role in keeping your scalp and hair healthy and supple. 


We also have a range of calming, balancing, and energising aromatherapy / therapeutic grade essential oils to choose from for massaging your back, arms and face.


At the end of the massage, I will give you a little time (and some more tea if you like)  to soak in the experience and notice any change in your level of energy and mood. I will show you what I mapped out during the massage in terms of tenderness, tension and anything else you might like to be aware of. And at that time we can also draft some personal wellbeing notes on your Angel Studio Booklet for you to take home, which can support you in gaining lasting, longer term benefits. 

A Sumptuous Ritual

This opulent one hour long Indian head massage is excellent for releasing physical mental and emotional stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.  A course of a few sessions  is especially good for relieving chronic tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraines and sinusitis. The marma (energy) points of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face are gently stimulated and drained, leaving you feeling simultaneously calm and relaxed, energised, revitalised and much better focused and ready for action, or, in case you come in the evening, soothed and ready for a good sleep.


Our Indian Head Massage will leave you feel whole again and it’s a wonderful way to get in touch with your body and prepare you for a day of Thought Marking or an Integrative Body Mapping weekend.


I look forward to welcoming you in Angel Studio! 

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