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Relax- Discover- Find a new Direction

We all feel the pressure to know exactly what’s going on in our minds and in our lives. Yet sometimes, the full flavour of life seems diluted. We may unexpectedly find ourselves falling into recurring patterns, or we work hard, but feel we are somehow missing the full rewards. Thought marking is an intuitive, guided process to help us visualise and make sense of our internal world, and plot a clear course forward. 


Using a mix of materials, textures, natural scents and colours, you will be guided to create on A3 card, a visual representation of your head, and all that is going on in it.  This is a safe environment to rediscover a spontaneous, child-like approach. We’ll crush, crumple, tear, staple and glue as you pull apart and build up layers on the paper, till it’s time for a scrumptious home baked cake and a hot drink. We’ll plunge into our creative endeavour again, and by the end of the day, the images, words, shapes and colours in your head will have found their place on the card, giving you a fresh perspective on the triggers, patterns and drivers of your every day life, and renewed clarity on the way forward. 

The art piece you’ll take home will serve you for many weeks to navigate through a new found sense of focus and direction, and, if you choose, it will prepare you for the wonderful work of Integrative Body Mapping.

Notes on Mark Making


A single line can be uncertain or agitated, happy or hopeful. It might stop, disappear, or continue in a long, straight line, or slowly curl onto itself till it becomes a tangle, just like our thoughts.  Learning to make marks that actually reflect our thoughts and our emotional inner state is a powerful and liberating step.  It allows behavioural patterns to surface, and gives us a sense of belonging, equilibrium and calm. It provides a clear map of our minds and, in some cases, an invigorating emotional workout. Mark making can be deeply cathartic – even if you haven’t picked up a crayon since you were a child. Come and surprise yourself.




A full day of Thought Marking will give you:


• A deep-felt connection to the part of you that intuitively holds the most positive vision for your life, and the means to access it whenever you need to

• The experience of being looked after – you will be pampered, nourished and held in a safe and loving space created especially for you

• Your own 2D Thought Map, as a record of your journey and a place to record future insights that help you navigate daily life

• More clarity about the recurring patterns in your life that might be holding you back – and the ability to tap into the inner strength required to turn them around

• A memorable day spent exploring your inner world to be cherished for a long time

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